Q: How do I know what box strength I should choose?

A:It may be easiest for you to simply contact us and tell us your specifications. We’re proud to offer custom boxes to fit nearly any job.


Q: What kind of packaging do you offer?

A: We offer the highest-quality industrial polyurethane, polyethylene and polystyrene foam. We also have custom and stock crates and pallets available, as well as custom and stock boxes to suit your needs.


Q: Do you offer custom boxes?

A: Yes, as well as stock-sized boxes.


Q: Is there a minimum quantity of boxes I must order?

A: No, we are happy to accommodate your needs, no matter how big or small.


Q: Will my personal information be shared with any other organizations?

A: Absolutely not. We take our privacy policy very seriously and respect our customer’s personal privacy. Your information will never be traded, sold or given to any third-party.


Have other questions? Please contact us.